So, what I would like to know is: Where the heck is my story in these so-called role-playing games?

DiceNow, I may just be an old fool, but I've been looking at games like World of Warcraft, Rifts, Eve online, and the rest, and have to ask: Where did the story go?


Who Uses Drupal and 6 Reasons Why

Decoding Techno-babble about Drupal

I sometimes forget that non-technical people just don't always immediately know why Drupal is so cool.  

Explaining that it is opensource and has an energized community living and loving it, doesn't necessarily spark excitement to people that just want a great website.  

Text To Html Converter for Windows...

Well, after taking an extended break, I have tackled the goal of learning enough C# to be functional. 

Sunday, I was trying to get a bunch of text files into a usable format for my Kindle.  I grabbed Calibre from and tried it, but could not easilly get a good index from it to use for easy referance.

Monday morning, I grabbed a book on C# for my Kindle, read a chunk of it, and then proceded to build TextToHtml.  It has one function:  It takes a bunch of text files, combines them into an HTML document, and adds an Index at the beginning with all the textfile names and hyperlinks to them on the same page. 

Try Rezzable's new Unity-based Browser Viewer for OpenSim

Rezzable Unity-based Browser Viewer for OpenSimWe have been working hard on the new Rezzable Browser Viewer for OpenSim and finally have a test version ready for you.

Review of Viewsonic gTablet (Android)

Ah, the android tablet device. Everyone wants one, until they find out it's not actually an iPad that costs less but does the same thing. Then, they complain. Alot. Loudly. Well, I have news for you. Android tablets are here. While most of you have been hearing about the Galaxy tablet, I'm not talking about that one. I'm talking about the new gTablet by ViewSonic. This new sub-$400 device now stands as the cheapest usable android tablet on the market.

Presenting MetaMorph Toolkit for Blender and Unity

Blender to Unity

I've been working with Unity since the first day it was released for windows, and have always been interested in how it works with Blender.  The ease of taking an animated character from Blender into unity and just having it work without a ton of tweaking amazed me.

...But shapekeys, the mesh morph system for Blender, didn't work.

I came to the conclusion the current methods did not work for importing shapes, for the following reasons:

5 Top Issues Holding Back the Virtual Online Experience

Day 2 here at the MetaMeets conference in Dublin and some ideas on the future. While we are seeing millions and millions of people jumping into Facebook games, the uptake on 3D Immersive Online is more or less flat. Why?

1. Wrong Target

While SL defined a kind of virtual online experience, the Virtual World as a consumer offering is not scalable.  The "land" concept benefits mainly the platform operator and not the content creators--who pay more for that resource than in general they can recover (ok, some people beat the casino, but most don't). The fetish about being a "land owner" or the belittled role of being a "resident" are not compelling to mainstream audiences.

Magical 3D Cloud Rendering Coming to a Cheap PC Near You Soon?

Otoy and Super Micro plus AMD are announcing what really seems like magic for 3D immersive online. If I got it right it means a cheap PC without a fancy graphics card will be able to stream 3D immersive content dramatically faster, better.

Top 10 OpenSim Issues and Performance Update

We have been running our own OpenSim-based grids now for more than a year. I thought it would be a good thing to share some latest comments on how it is going and what some of the issues are. You can visit either the Rezzable Grid or Heritage Key and see King Tut Virtual right now.

Go Check it out,  OpenSim works.


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